Welcome to Journey Church!


We are a group of people who have been transformed by God’s love and mercy toward us. Our worship is contemporary and our style is informal. Come as you are. You will be loved.

We’d love to have you and your family join our Journey. 


Our Declaration

Today we make this declaration as Journey Church
We let go of the past and shake off the dust of yesterday
We reach forward towards our destiny
We are resuming our journey to take possession of what God has given
We will not stand still or shrink back
We will lay hold of our future
We are led on this journey by God and are protected by Him
Our enemies are defeated and our children and possessions are safe.
We receive the strength of the Lord for this journey
So we gather up our courage and gird up our loins for what is ahead
We will not grow impatient or become agitated
We will see every obstacle and pitfall as a temporary light affliction
And we will embrace the weight of glory that comes in its place
We will live out this journey with a deep consciousness of God.
And because God’s presence is with us, our journey will be a success.