Shake the Dust!

This is the poem that Martin McCrory read at the end of his message on February 21. I hope you enjoy it.



This is for all the pimple populated teens

For the fat girls and the flat girls

For the new kids at school that no one wants to know

For the schoolyard wimps and the bullies who torment them

Fro the 12 year olds too afraid to strip down in the change room showers

For the A-grades and the H-grades

For the sporting jocks and milky geeks

For the kid who is always late for class and forgets the combination to his locker

Shake the dust


This is for the trendy and for the cool

Those with the latest and the fastest at school

For those lost in the escapism of narcissistic likes

The brand-conscious flashing their Nikes

For those who let the numbers tell them that they are loved

Because they never had that from a daddy, not from one on this planet, and neither from above

For the posed, the poised, the noise, the boys!

For those lost in the virtual world of their palm toys

Shake the dust


This is for the kicked-outs

for the closed-group block outs

For the snubbed, and the cold-shouldered shut-outs

For those excluded and the excluders and the exclusive

For the superior and for the abusive

For those desperate to belong, but no one hears your song

Shake the dust


This is for the moms in a world where mom-hood is anathema

For the mothers who get asked what they do all day

Because their vocation is a vacation

For those who wipe noses and clean bums

Who converse in goo-goos, ga-gas and nursery rhyme hums

So that their sons and daughters don't become bums!

To those who sacrifice to be mums

Shake the dust


This is for the hardworking single mom

And for the disillusioned absent dad

For the abused and for the abusers

For the write-off and the society losers

For the abandoned and forsaken

Who feel that life has given less than it has taken

Those who cant make ends meet and exceed what they borrow

For those who see no way out, who try to drown their sorrow

For those who have to steady their hearts as the watch loved-ones depart

Shake the dust


This is for the lonely, for the depressed, for those desperate to be free

For the ones who said the world would be better without me

Shake the dust


This is for those who let the heat burn too close

For those who allowed their innocence get lost

This is for the pregnant teen who doesn't want to be seen

For the online porn addict who feels unclean

Shake the dust


This is for the guy just trying to pay the rent

For those watching their one life get spent and bent

Chasing the cars, the houses and never making a dent 

in the mounting debt wondering where all the years went

Wondering if that’s what God meant 

When he said “For this purpose I was sent.”

Shake the dust


This is for the sick. for the halt and those who will soon expire

For those who have watched their prayers backfire

At the end of intense and earnest desire

Those who have held on against the odds

Those who have chosen the only One God

Those who have waited for a dream to come true

Those who’ve had secrets that nobody knew

Shake the dust!


This is those who are too old to get married

those who have had too many marriages

For those who have betrayed their marriage

And for those who wish they were married

Shake the dust 


This is for those who tried to shed a few pounds

Who resolve the Monday diet but go around and around as they get round

This is for the procrastinator who will get around to it

To the wallflower gym member who swipes his card but never trains hard

This is for those who are trying to be somebody other than they already are

Shake the dust




Paul writes in Philippians 3:13“… I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past (“experience”) and looking forward to what lies ahead, 14I press on … “


For the hopers and the dreamers for the wide-eyed believers

Keep pressing on!


For the longings, for the desires, for the hopes and for the dreams

For those anticipating more than they could ever believe

For those Expecting good from a God who can only be good

For those Desiring promotion and provision while God is your vision



For those Believing for miracles and signs from the One Life who colours outside the lines

For those Trusting for loved ones to be saved, there is a way that His blood has paved



For those longing to be sent

There is a curtain that has been rent

His invitation is for you to come

Press in, press on, RUN!


Shake the dust, and keep pressing on!